Quantum Computing in Silicon

People Publications Group Meeting

Hybrid Qubit

The Quantum Dot Hybrid Qubit (QDHQ) [Nature 511, 70 (2014)]. (a) Double quantum dot device. (b) Energy level diagram. Insets: rotation pulse sequences. (c) X-rotation on the Bloch sphere. (d) Z-rotation on the Bloch sphere. (e) Measured probability P0 of being in the logical qubit ground state after an X-rotation of duration tp, as a function of gate voltage VL. (f) Line-cut from panel (e) showing Larmor oscillations. (g) Measured probability Py of being along the y-axis of the Bloch sphere after a Z-rotation of duration tp, as a function of detuning pulse amplitude ept. (h) Horizontal line-cut from panel (g) showing Ramsey fringes.